ABI Consultative Solutions

Our company is Actuality Business Intelligence  LLC. My wife (Theresa Whiteside)is the President/Owner, and we have many years of experience in providing SSIS / SSAS Consulting – as well as producing and marketing SSIS Components in partnership with Melissa Data and Microsoft.

Our Team SQL Saturday #118 2012

Next Generation BI Architecture provided by Ira Whiteside – 39 Year leader in Data Quality Innovation.

Creative Team of on-shore/off-shore BI Developers engaging in a variety of niche fields ranging from Mobile Application, Data Quality, and Data Migration development.

Leading Enterprise Solutions utilizing the Integration of Tomorrow’s Technical Tools with the Applications/Warehouses of today.  Unique Lineage Implementation enforcing full ROI within Enterprise Application and Analytical Reporting.

Senior BI Architect Data Governance/Data Quality/MDM/SSIS/SSAS/SSRS – Ira Warren Whiteside(40 Years)

Senior SSIS/MDM/Data Profiling  Developer / Senior Business Analyst – Victoria Stasiewicz  (Daughter)

Data Analyst/SSIS Developer – Brandon Stasiewicz (Son in Law)

Christina Whiteside (Daughter)is also currently interning as an SSIS Developer.

Off Shore Technical Developer Lead- Nitin Khanna

*To learn more about our recent projects and advancements, please hover over the consulting tab and click the project you would like to learn more about.


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